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  •   The pdf file can be directly downloaded from this site by clicking on the link below. Note that there are two (2) files in the zip file: The booklet text and the booklet cover.

  • To get you started..
       The text is paged in printer folios, or "booklet-ized." This means that the center of the booklet will appear at pages 26 and 27, while pages 2 and 28 will appear on the back side of this same sheet.
       Remember that in "printer-ese" the odd-numbered pages are always in the right-hand page.

  •    We recommend that you first print "a run" of either the odd-numbered or the even-numbered pages. Then simply flip the sheets over and continue to print the remaining numbered pages.

Click here to download the adoration Prayer Booklet

Widespread distribution of this Eucharistic Adoration booklet is heartily encouraged.
It is not copyrighted and may be freely reproduced for your personal or parish use. However, the sale of this booklet for profit, by private parties other than approved printing sources, is stricly prohibited

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