This book will truly touch your heart and lift your spirits. Look what people have said about this new book:

“I am enjoying your book immensely. It's one of those 'very very hard to put down' books. I can just imagine the Holy Father burning the midnight oils in the Vatican apartment reading his copy you sent him!! It's no wonder he looks so tired lately!” ~ Judy from England

“Set aside a good chunk of time because once you start reading this book, you just can't stop! In a world of darkness, where everyone asks, "Where is God?" the answer is: He's right here, right now. He's with us, and He's definitely with the people who share their beautiful stories of miracles and hope in this book!”~ Donna  from Canada

“I brought it to work today and people are asking me where they can get a copy – please forward the information so that I can share.” ~ Kathy from PA

“Wow, my husband and I are nearly fighting over the book, can't put it down! I plan to get Volume I and II, also.”~ reader from Canada


“My mother finished your book and loved it!  I'm reading it now and it is truly wonderful.  In fact I'm going to recommend that the first- timers on our trip read it before we go.  It's a wonderful recap and source of info. that is must reading !” ~ Dennis from PA


I really love your new book.  I love reading a story every night and then thinking about it before I go to bed. ~ Carole from Michigan


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