The Spirit of Medjugorje
Simple Sacrifices to do Throughout the Day to Help Our Lady’s Peace Plan

Anything that takes you out of your "comfort zone" can be a sacrifice. You can come up with your own ideas, but here a just a few for starters.
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Get up 20 minutes earlier and spend the time in prayer.

Give up texting for the day.

No complaining. When you start to do it.......say a Hail Mary!

Park far away from your destination and say some prayers on the way.

Skip your lunch and use the money as a donation to an organization that helps the poor.

Wait 15 minutes before drinking anything when thirsty.

Pray for 5 minutes with your arms extended like a cross.

Kneel on rice for 10 minutes and pray.

Do not put any seasoning (salt/pepper) on your food.

Cut down your time in the shower or bath.

Wait for 10 minutes before you turn on the heat/air conditioning in your car.

Skip dessert.

Give up coffee or tea for the day.

Wait a half hour before opening your mail or email.

Give up TV or Facebook for the day.

Do the dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher.

Turn off music in the car and pray a Rosary instead.

Use cooler water in your shower or bath.

Skip your snack before bedtime.

Give up the snooze button on your alarm clock.

Eat something you do not like.

Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

If someone says something you do not agree with, keep your mouth shut.

Refrain from curiosity.

Give up your pillow for one night.

Give up reading the newspaper and instead read about a saint you do not know anything about.

Pick up litter that is not yours.

Clean out a drawer or closet that needs attention.

Speak only when necessary

Give away some clothing – even better if you give away something you like

Sacrifice your TIME by:

Visiting someone in a nursing home

Praying a Rosary for a soldier who is in danger

Spending time in Adoration praying for peace

Calling or writing someone who is sick or homebound

Making a list of 10 things you are grateful for and then thanking God for them

Going to Mass on a weekday if you don’t already do that

Reading Scripture for 15 minutes

Writing a letter of thanks to a member of the clergy

Exercising your body and praying while doing it

Reading The Imitation of Christ